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solvobis solves your problems.
We love to help in your Software-Projects
where you need knowldege in finance,
system analytics and technologies
all together.
solvobis AG
Untere Chilenzelg 22
CH-8309 Nürensdorf
T +41 (0) 43 266 04 85

We are familiar with the following Technologies:

  • Distributed Systems: Publish-Subscribe, MQ Series, CORBA, Sockets
  • Programming languages: C++, Java, Shell Scripts, Visual Basic, Perl
  • Databases: MS-SQL, Oracle, Postgres, MS-Access
  • Teamware: Subversion, CVS, ClearCase
  • Reporting Systems: Crystal, Jasper

  • Operating Systems: Windows and Unix
  • Produkte:In addition we have experience with integration of standardlö software in the finance area:
    avaloq, sungard, flextrade, FIX-Integrationen