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The tool for your operation or your development in a distributed server environment
  solvotrack is your tool for a distributed server environment. It has a graphical user interface which can easily be configured for your use cases. After being triggered by a use case the GUI distributes the request in parallel to all the target servers and it passes the answers asynchronously back.
The GUI and actions on server side can easily be implemented on your own or with our help. Among others, solvotrack has proven its effectivity for years in a major bank with about 60 servers.

solvotrack is a simple alternative to a complex web server environment. On server side it offers integration with script calls and a java library. On client side you can configure input screens and output (Text, HTML rendering, browser integration) or you can implement advanced GUIs by help of the Java library.

  • No knowledge about web technologies (HTTP, WebSockets, AJAX, Servlets, etc.) required. Simply integrate solvotrack into your standard software or into your own developed software.
  • Parallel processing of a user's request on several servers
  • Full flexibility on client and on server side
  • quick results with a stable architecture
  • Role based security
  • User guidance and default values: less errors in operating your software
  • Change-Log for your compliance's requirements
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