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Matching und Routing of stock exchange orders
  solvomatch is a server side software matching buy and sell orders in an own orderbook. Typically the tradable objects are securities, but this is not a precondition.

Potential use cases are:
  • Matching of non-listed securities (stock exchange functionality)
  • Internal matching of client orders after their pooling
  • Order routing, in/out-dispatching over FIX-Protocol
  • Auctions, price determination before listing the instrument at an exchange
  • Full Integration with your environment over the standard FIX protocol, for instance with Front Arena (OMNI), Finnova, avaloq, etc.
  • Matching rules similair to SIX Stock Exchange and other major exchanges, but configurable in more details, i.e. in regards of price finding or order association.
  • Quotes & Orders
  • Stop Trading Rules (Difference to last paid price, avalanche-stop)
  • Opening Auction, Closing Auction, Repeated-Auction-Mode
  • One cancels the Other, FoK, All-Or-Nothing, ...
  • and more...
  We love to make individual changes within the software for clients and we help integrating the software. The source code can be made available to clients. (open PDF-Flyer ...)
  Here you can navigate to a page containing a Demonstration-Video.