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solvobis solves your problems.
We love to help in your Software-Projects
where you need knowldege in finance,
system analytics and technologies
all together.
solvobis AG
Untere Chilenzelg 22
CH-8309 Nürensdorf
T +41 (0) 43 266 04 85
We are a swiss software house and specialized in distributed systems development. So we kindly offer you the following services:
  • Business Analysis and specifications
  • Design and implementation of your individual software
  • Integration of your standard software

We complement our services with our products

  • solvomatch: an order matcher for dark pools und auctions.
  • solvotrack: a tool and framework for your software operation and for your development
Of course we help you setting up and using our products in all aspects. For our software also the source code is available.